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For many people, the idea of writing text is mysterious. Starting with an empty page and ending up with an article or book may seem scary, but writing has it's own process and it's not much about being kissed by the muse.

Creative Writing and Editing

The following description of our working style applies to:

Phases of the Writing Process

1. Gathering Information

We need your materials, notes, existing documents or links to information sources. In this phase, we can also conduct interviews with you or with people related to the subject.

2. Material Analysis

We spend the necessary time to carefully study the materials and in cases of larger projects, study your field or theme in general, to gain job-specific orientation. We will likely have a number of questions at this stage.

3. First Draft

We create a first draft of the text, which is still unpolished, but outlines all basic elements of the completed work. It's important to remember, that the first draft is always rough. It exists to be edited and changed!

4. Revisions

In this phase, we will expect and need your feedback. There is seldom only one round of revisions, it will most likely take two or three. Don't be concerned about that, it's the heart of the work.

5. Finishing Phase

We implement your final comments, format the text and add pictures or graphs as needed.

6. Proofreading

All texts need a final read by 'outside eyes' - someone not familiar with them. We pass that work to a proofreader; one of our colleagues or someone on your side.

7. Publishing

Your text is now ready for publishing. Your text will likely be further formatted by the person preparing the final output:

  • a web designer or a content editor on websites,
  • a magazine or book editor in publishing houses,
  • a pre-print editor or a graphic designer for flyers or ads etc.


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