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Copy Writer

Here are a few thoughts on the role and work of a copy writer. To learn more about our services, please see Copywriting for Marketing and Web.

By Jim Freeman

Copywriting is like art or music--we may not know how to draw or compose, but we sure know when we see or hear something we like. That's the essence of good copywriting; to show something likeable to a target audience.

Which may be as uncomplicated as a press-release for your business or text for an upcoming article in a particular trade journal. Possibly an entire web site or an ongoing oversight of outgoing corporate documents. Either way, it's promotion that comfortably rides the wave of current culture. Getting that right is what we are all about. To persuade is to have the confidence of the audience. When done correctly, confidence delivers the perfect message in the perfect words.

In our practice, we come across promotional material constantly. That's our job and it gives us a special overview, a naive picture of your company as others see it, warts and all. Particularly in translated materials, who hasn't their favorite story about . . .

  • the botched (but hilarious) restaurant menu
  • modifiers inelegantly showing up on the wrong sides of verbs or nouns
  • run-on sentences that mystify foreigners (who happen to be your target clients)
  • inconsistent tenses

Favorite stories are fun to tell, as long as they're about someone else. But they're company disasters, when told about your company or institution behind a grin or a wink. The most competent organization in its native language, occasionally comes across as only borderline adequate in another. And who hasn't their own tale to tell about an exotic 'Flash' web site that doesn't navigate properly or treats an inquiry like a package delivery. Many companies support a vice-presidency in charge of getting new business, yet have an 'info@' link on their web site.

I am not 'info.' I am a prospective client. Effective copywriting begins with looking at your business (whether scientific, retail, corporate or educational) from the outside.

After all, that's where your audience (and your next big account) actually is.

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